User testing and feedback

User testing

User testing is the process through which the interface and functions of a website, app, product, or service are tested by real users who perform specific tasks in realistic conditions. The purpose of this process is to evaluate the usability of that website or app and to decide whether the product is ready to be launched for real users. For relevant results, the testers shouldn’t be directed too much and should be allowed to interact with the website or app naturally, to see if the system is intuitive and comfortable enough to use by people who aren’t yet familiar with it.

Why is user testing important?

User testing helps to understand where your product has errors, missing requirements or gaps. Testing product can be done using automated tools or manually.

Types of user testing

  • Usability testing

We can define this concept as the efficiency and ease of use of a web page or an electronic interface (or an e-commerce site) by a user in order to satisfy the latter’s needs.

  • Surveys

Surveys help you to obtain user feedback about your product from your customers, things that would help you to improve it. It’s one of the easiest ways to obtain data from your customers because they can complete the surveys via any advice and from anywhere. 

  • A/B testing

This type of testing is one of the most efficient and fast ways to increase the number of conversions. A/B testing is the process by which two different variants of an email are sent to different groups of subscribers. It is important to remember that each group must receive only one variant of the email, not both, and they must be sent on the same day and at the same time. Then, track customer reactions and determine which variant has aroused the reactions that help you meet the proposed goals. By testing A/B, you will learn a lot about your site visitors and the type of content they respond best to it.

How to do user testing?

  • Defining a goal
  • Prepare the test object
  • Select the test method
  • Write a test script
  • Recruit test subjects
  • Prepare the site and infrastructure
  • Carry out a test run 
  • Evaluation and analysis

User feedback

User feedback is information collected from users/customers about their reactions to a product, service, or website experience. Feedback and insight from customers and website visitors is used by UX designers, researchers, and marketers to improve the user experience.

How to ask for feedback?

Use the following steps in order to have productive feedback sessions:

1. Ask for honesty

Encourage the people you ask for feedback to be helpful over nice. Let them know you are looking to get the the most out of their time and their honesty is valued and appreciated.

2. Be specific and timely

It is helpful to ask for feedback in context and in a timely manner, it can make it easier for the person you’ve asked for feedback to recall specific behaviors and examples that can facilitate your learning. For example, if want feedback on how you are developing on a certain skill it can be helpful to ask after a project or moment where you specifically used this skill.

3. Listen to learn

You are listening to a perspective which might be different to yours. Make sure you listen carefully so you understand what is being said, not just what resonates with your own perceptions. It’s natural to only hear what you want to but remain open to what is being shared.

4. Ask clarifying questions

Clarifying questions are a great way to confirm you understand and widen the search for more coaching advice. In many cases, simply asking questions like “Why is this important? or ” How might I approach this differently?” are a great place to start.

5. Take notes

Keep notes of the feedback you received so you can reference them as you need. Treat the notes like a commitment with yourself to change and improve.

6. Commit and follow up

Show your appreciation when others spend time sharing their perspective and providing constructive insights. This also encourages people to give you more feedback in the future. Make sure to follow up with your plan and progress, it’s nice for people to see how their feedback has impacted you.

Thank you

This blog was researched and written by the combined efforts of:

  • Nnadozie Ugonna Ebere
  • Fulgence Muhirwa
  • Elie Kagabo
  • Crepin Gontran Kayisire
  • Lhet Mombonhinhi Eny Vieyrrah Magnan


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15 thoughts on “User testing and feedback

  1. Thank you guys for this great compiled information. I have had a great time learning more about the feedback steps.

  2. Nice work guys this a real good blog, it’s showing what anyone needs to know about user testing and feedback. thanks for the info I learned much from it.

  3. I do agree user testing is very important. Like my team mentioned in our first blog, all these processes prevent entrepreneurs or people developing solutions for making mistakes.

  4. Do we always have to take in user feedback? Not really. My question is how do we know what to keep and what to ignore?

    1. Yes, you have to take note so that after receiving the feedback you will be able to see what the user says.
      If the user says something that you find important and that is about your product and the improvement of the project, so you have to keep it.
      If it’s about something that is not about the product and that is not very important for the improvement of the product, you can ignore it.

  5. Thanks, guys for this. It truly is great peace.

    I’m just wondering, in the user feedback section, all the points you mentioned are focused on a creator asking the users for feedback. I think it would have been even better to include how creators should handle unsolicited, yet important feedback from users.

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    User testing and feedback – ALU CS BLOG

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